Monday, May 4, 2009

Next cute purse coming your way!

As usual, I always make a couple samples before I actually put something out on Etsy. This is my latest! It is the CUTEST slouchy bag going and perfect for summer days in a cute floral print pattern. It is unstructured and holds lots of stuff. It has 3 inside pockets so you don't have to dig for your cell phone or small items. When carried on your shoulder it fits perfectly under your arm. Of course, if you prefer longer straps you can request a custom order and I would be happy to make them longer. Do you have a favorite color? I can take requests for that as well. My test person Jen will be carrying one of these for the week as well as myself to see if it "feels" right or if it needs any tweaking. If not, then I will be putting this style up on Etsy very soon. Me likey....I hope you do too!