Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Happy Little Customer!

I just had to share this photo of adorable little Kya who just received her Kiddie Take-along in the mail! Doesn't she look like a happy little customer? I hope she enjoys her bag and fills it with lots of fun stuff! And Kya, make sure you keep it away from your big brothers!

If you love these little bags and don't see the color you want, just contact me through my etsy site and I would be happy to work with you. Any ideas are welcome!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A boy bag for the little guy in your life!

It seems like every kiddie takealong I post is for the little girls in our lives. But what about all the little boys who would like a tote bag to carry their little cars and trucks in? This little bag is just as useful for them as it is for the little girls carrying their books and dolls in them. As you can see from the photo above, I made an adorable navy blue pin dot with red check lining for little Isaac. It turned out adorable and from what his Mom Kate says, it's going to be his church bag so that he has with him just enough to occupy him during the service! Perfect idea Kate! I just purchased a couple little car prints recently and thought these would be perfect for little boys. Of course, the busy prints on these make it a bit hard to see any embroidery on them. But I can take any request on these that you would like. How about a cute denim one with a truck lining. Or a cute pin dot or plaid? Should I use the word "cute" when describing a "boy bag?" Could this be like a man bag? I'm not sure. Only thing I'm sure of is that these would be a perfect carry all for the little boy in your life!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another cute take-along!

These little kiddie take-alongs are the cutest bag going! I just had to make up the froggie one! I guess this means that my little Addison gets another bag to carry around! I just bought some adorable little boy fabric today. One has chunky little cars on it and the other has all sorts of cars, truck and fire engines on it. Very boyish! I will make sure to post one once I get it quilted and made up! So for all of you with little boys out there who like to carry toys along with them, you will love this little one! Way too cute!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The cutest notebook cover EVER!

I decided to make a smaller version of my notebook cover to accommodate a 4x6 spiral notebook. It turned out sooo cute! It was such a gloomy day with the rain that I wanted to sew something fun and cheery! So I chose two of my brightest florals! The finished dimensions of this notebook cover is 5x7.

Use it to cover your favorite little notebook for:
  • Grocery list
  • Errands to run

  • Notes to babysitter

  • Knitting project list

  • Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Anything you can think of that needs to be written down!

Why carry a plain spiral notebook when you can have it "dressed up." Oh, and there is an inside left pocket for little scraps of paper of even a pack of post it notes. Very versatile and oh so cutsie!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

A fun little toddler bag!

I've been very busy sewing and embroidering these adorable toddler take-along bags. Addie is all into carrying things by herself so this is the perfect size for her to do that. She is still just a wee bit too short but she will grow into it nicely in a few more months! It's the perfect size for your toddler to carry just a few things when that's all the stimulation they need!!!! For being such a little bag (10x11) it can hold lots of fun little things. These have been lots of fun making and I think the embroidery on them is adorable. It would also be a perfect bag to be embroidered with "Big Sister" on them when a new baby is due to join the family!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Step away from the machine!

So sorry for not blogging in a while but I've been busy sewing away. I am thankful to everyone who has purchased from my etsy store. It means alot to me that you are helping me get started in my new venture. Doing something that makes me happy is the best thing ever!

And a special thank you to my wonderful daughter Jen who has been a blessing to me! She is my strongest supporter and makes sure to post a picture of the week on her blog. I could not be doing this without her support. I have always said that friends come and go but family is constant. Thank you Jen for ALWAYS being there for me! I could not ask for a better daughter and friend! I love you!
And thank you's wouldn't be complete without thanking my daughter-in-law Diana who spent the first month of my sewing business being by my side and "learning the business" with me. For being a new sewer, she has a great eye for color and has great insight into what people might like. And her sewing ability is more like a seasoned veteran than a newbie. I love you too!