Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm back on the circs!!!

Well, I gave dpns a try for my Spring Forward sock but switched back to my circs last night. I just couldn't get in the groove with them. I felt like a puppeteer most of the time trying to tackle the correct move to continue knitting around. I feel like I'm back home using magic loop. It is going much faster and is much easier to handle! I learned on Magic Loop and I guess it feels more comfortable to me. I guess the end result is what matters, right? Having a pair of socks when I'm done!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Spring Forward

Well, I finally found the right sock for my Socks that Rock Barney Rubble. I started the Spring Forward sock from Knitty, Summer 2008. I am really liking the way its turning out. It now increases the number to 6 for projects on my needles - but they are unique and different so I don't get bored. I am knitting a white baby afghan in the feathers and fans pattern, the Golden Rose Sundress, Horcrux Socks (for some reason lost interest in), the Something Red sweater in Dream in Color Butter Peeps (which might get frogged), and the Buddy Bag (the bag is done and waiting to do the pocket and finger puppet). But knitting wouldn't be fun if you didn't have many things started at once....right? The key is to finish some of them! That is my goal. I also did something I haven't done before - knitted socks on dpns. I took a class to learn how to knit socks and was taught with the magic loop method. That is all that I have used thus far. Well, my Mom cleaned out her sewing room and gave me a ton of dpns that her and my aunts used to use. Well, it was the perfect time to try them. I have used them on hats before but never for socks. They really aren't too bad and are actually kind of fun. The k1p1 rib for the cuff was a bit awkward but once I got past that, not too bad. I like it for a change but think that the magic loop is less fiddly for me. We will see!
I love the colors in Barney Rubble. It has all of my favorite pastels - blue, pink, and yellow. It is a very pretty yarn. I have not knitted alot of socks yet but this is by far my favorite to knit with.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Peanut

Little Addison is growing like a weed. Every day she is doing something new. It's so fun to watch. I know as much about her as her Mommy does. In fact, I spent 4 days babysitting her while Eric and Jen went to Florida for a friend's wedding. At the time the trip was planned and booked, it seemed like a good idea for them to get away for a few days. Of course it sounds appealing when you are 6 months pregnant and it's cold outside. In any case, the 4 days went quickly for me and Addie (I think!) but Jen couldn't wait to get home! I tried to make the time go fast by sending a million (a little exaggerated) text messages with pictures so that she wouldn't miss the baby. It actually got out of hand when I took a picture of Addison's poopie diaper to let Jen know she finally went potty! I was so happy when they got home. Not because I wanted my time to end with Addie but because I missed my daughter as much as she missed hers! A day doesn't go by that we don't talk! My daughter has become my best friend. We have always had a close relationship but motherhood has added an even stronger bond! I love watching her with Addison. She is the best mother in the world. She just gave her notice at work so she can be a stay-at-home Mom. she will NEVER regret it! Now I'm just waiting to be a stay-at-home Grandma!
The picture above is from Addison's christening on June 22. She was an angel!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I finished the back!

Today was my babysitting day for little Addison so I took advantage of nap time to finish the back of the Golden Rose Sundress. I love how easy it was and the instructions are written so well. This is a great first lace project for someone just learning. The construction is very simple. I'm very happy with the Berocco Comfort. A nice soft feel on Addie's skin. Now I can't wait to finish it! Tonight I start the front!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Golden Rose Sundress

Can we say "another project on the needles?" Yep, I am starting another project before I finished the others. Can't help myself. This dress is adorable and very easy. I already did the lace band on the bottom and am almost half-way up the front of the dress. Addie looks adorable in purple so my golden rose dress is going to be a purple rose dress! I have been trying to knit a little bit each night - with my goal to finish this dress straight through. Everything else will sit for now. (I've heard that before!!!)

I'm using Berraco Comfort on the dress. Didn't want anything with wool in it. The pattern suggested using Lion brand Cotton-Ease, which would knit up nicely as well. But like the feel of Comfort.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Could she be any cuter?

Baby Addison is fast approaching 3 months! She is as adorable as any baby can be. It's so fun to watch them develop their personalities. She is most definitelly the joy of my life. And even though she has some Daddy features, she is all Mommy. She looks just like Jen did as a baby...and has her sleeping habits as well - don't need it!!! But then she wakes up from a very short nap and she is smiling up at you from her crib and...need I say more. She makes you forget that her nap only lasted 30 minutes when you were hoping for 2 hours!! I have a million projects either on the needles or ready to go on. Almost all of them are for Addie. One thing nice about baby knitting is that it's small and knits up quickly. You would think that would help me complete some of my started projects. I'm trying!