Friday, October 3, 2008

I "heart" finishing!

Yeah, my shrug is done!  I love it!  If I hadn't seen my friend Joan's done, I would not have believed that what I was knitting would turn out to be something so cute.  It had to be one of the easiest but most gratifying knits I have done in awhile.  Although ribbing gets old really quickly, it isn't nearly as bad as all stockinette stitch.  It was also a very fast knit - I started it last week and finished it up tonight.  Basically, one weeks work of knitting and that was not every night.  Just a little each night and a good chunk on the weekend.  Loved using Size 11 needles compared to the Size 1 needles I use on socks!  Maybe that's why it knit up so fast!  Ya think?  

This weekend we will be celebrating Jen and Diana's birthday.  I think my shrug will go along with me.  If they like it, and also Meagan, then I best get busy knitting 3 more!  I think I've got it in me!

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Amy said...

I love, love LOVE it!!!!