Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still working away

I am now on to using my other sewing machine. I have been doing so much sewing for my Cutsie Tootsie business that I decided it was time to give my baby a tuning and cleaning! So off she went to the sewing store for a good workover. My Pfaff has been good to me and is still my favorite sewing machine because I love the even feed foot. However, I broke out my Bernina Embroidery/Sewing machine to use and I have to admit I love it for straight sewing. I have always used it just for embroidery but it has a nice stitch definition and is very smooth running.

I went to a quilt show this weekend and realized that if I'm ever going to do any shows I need a huge inventory. And I'm not there yet. But I did do a few new notebook covers and checkbook covers yesterday. With the economy right now, it seems that many people are going for the less expensive and smaller items that I make so I'm trying to build up that stock as well as think of some other cute designs that I can come up with that I would like to use. One thing I want to work on it a pattern that holds a cell phone and keys, with a small section for cash and credit card. Something you can grab and go when you are in a hurry. Stay tuned.

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