Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's gettin' there!

After a long summer of rain, then heat, we are finally getting the pool and deck completed. At least we have been able to use the pool during the construction of the deck as a good part of it is already there and attached to the back of the house. It is just a matter of extending the deck around the pool so that we can put a slide in for the kids. Even without the railings up, I love the size of it and how much room it gives us when we have the family over to swim. And since Addie has become our little fish this summer, she is going to love it!

As you can tell from the pictures, we have alot of yard and even more trees! Unfortunately there is a small creek/run-off area just a short distance from the back of our house which really has hindered us in using much of our back yard. And the trees are just too beautiful to take any down. So building the deck off the house and extending it out with the pool was a perfect solution to using our back yard. We have a small bridge that goes over the run-off area so at some point when the grandkids get a bit bigger, we can make a nice swingset and play area for them on the back part of the yard. But until then, I'm going to enjoy my deck and pool!!

We decided to leave this tree up at the back side of the deck to give us a bit more shade at the end of the day. It will be a perfect spot for a chair or two.

Next step...railings!!


Jen said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! That looks even better then I pictured it!! Nice work Pops!!! Can't wait to come swim this week :-)

The Apple Pie Gal said...

It looks great! Can't wait to see it!

Jan said...

You are welcome any time!!! The water is fabulous in this heat!!!

Angie said...

Looks really good!