Friday, July 2, 2010

We have babies!

Remember my post from a couple weeks ago when I was marveling at how I watched a bird outside my window building her nest? Well, today I opened up my blinds and was able to snap a picture of the new additions!!! You can see a couple of them with their little mouths open, waiting for Mom to bring them some food! They are so cute. I am so happy that that have a great home to live in. Mommie bird picked a great spot for these little ones. She found my beautiful Rose of Sharon that is somewhat protected under the overhang of our porch. I just love watching them raise their little heads watching for their mommie to return!!!

Now I can't wait to see them grow and take off on their own. Isn't that the role of a Mom? To give your babies the wings to fly on their own? Aww, I think I have a tear in my eye as I think about raising my three little babies and watching them grow into wonderful adults with great spouses in their lives. I wonder if this Mamma birdie is as proud of her babies as I am of mine?


The Apple Pie Gal said...

How did you sneak a post past me??? How bout a pic of the blooms too? They are awesome!!!

Chelsi said...

Cute baby birdies!

MamaTea said...

Love baby birds, they are so fun! I love watching the interaction of the mamas and the babies...and everything around them :) You're a lucky lady to have a window seat to their adventures!