Sunday, June 1, 2008

Could she be any cuter?

Baby Addison is fast approaching 3 months! She is as adorable as any baby can be. It's so fun to watch them develop their personalities. She is most definitelly the joy of my life. And even though she has some Daddy features, she is all Mommy. She looks just like Jen did as a baby...and has her sleeping habits as well - don't need it!!! But then she wakes up from a very short nap and she is smiling up at you from her crib and...need I say more. She makes you forget that her nap only lasted 30 minutes when you were hoping for 2 hours!! I have a million projects either on the needles or ready to go on. Almost all of them are for Addie. One thing nice about baby knitting is that it's small and knits up quickly. You would think that would help me complete some of my started projects. I'm trying!

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