Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Peanut

Little Addison is growing like a weed. Every day she is doing something new. It's so fun to watch. I know as much about her as her Mommy does. In fact, I spent 4 days babysitting her while Eric and Jen went to Florida for a friend's wedding. At the time the trip was planned and booked, it seemed like a good idea for them to get away for a few days. Of course it sounds appealing when you are 6 months pregnant and it's cold outside. In any case, the 4 days went quickly for me and Addie (I think!) but Jen couldn't wait to get home! I tried to make the time go fast by sending a million (a little exaggerated) text messages with pictures so that she wouldn't miss the baby. It actually got out of hand when I took a picture of Addison's poopie diaper to let Jen know she finally went potty! I was so happy when they got home. Not because I wanted my time to end with Addie but because I missed my daughter as much as she missed hers! A day doesn't go by that we don't talk! My daughter has become my best friend. We have always had a close relationship but motherhood has added an even stronger bond! I love watching her with Addison. She is the best mother in the world. She just gave her notice at work so she can be a stay-at-home Mom. she will NEVER regret it! Now I'm just waiting to be a stay-at-home Grandma!
The picture above is from Addison's christening on June 22. She was an angel!!!

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Jen said...

We need to make this stay-at-home grandma thing happen :-)