Saturday, January 3, 2009

Did I mention that i like knitting hats?

I have a new favorite hat - the Banana Republic Knock-off!  I have made 4 in the past week - 2 of them while watching movies on New Years Eve (yes I am a loser!)

I made one for Jen and Addison first.  They looked so cute in them that I decided to make one for me.  Now I am not a hat person.  I don't have the right hair for hats.  When I remove it my hair is as flat as a pancake.  But I tried this one on and I think it might work for me as long as I only wear it from house to car, from car to store - you get the picture!   So here are my two New Years Eve hats.  So cute and so fast!  Now I need to make one to go with my new North Face coat!

Happy New Year - Here's to a year of many more hats for my family!

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Katy said...

Those are so sweet! Congrats on getting an award from your daughter.