Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new beginning!

My 2009 has not started out the greatest for me. I actually ended 2008 with having an abnormal mammogram. So my 2009 started with two biopsies. The happy ending was that the findings were benign. But then I also got a summons for Federal Jury Duty!!! That means taking the train to downtown Chicago to the Federal Building. Hopefully I won't get on a case. But then the way my year has been I probably will. But the final straw was that on Thursday I went to work and was told it was my last day. The company was eliminating positions and mine was one of them. So after 8 years in this job I was walking out the door with my boxes filled with pictures, desk stuff and all the other things that made my cubicle my home away from home. Hence the "NEW BEGINNING."

I have wanted to quit for quite some time - just tired of the long commute, the hours, traveling, etc. But I just didn't know how to do it and I was afraid to give up a job during a time of such uncertainty. Well, this kicked me in the butt and forced me to move on in a different direction...doing something I will love to do and will make me happy. So after years of talking about taking my sewing to a different level, I have decided to start sewing and selling my work. It's a big undertaking but now I will have the time to do it. I know I won't make the kind of money that I made in corporate America but I don't care. I will be happy and healthier. I have a very frugal daughter-in-law who is excited to teach me to power cook and save money in the grocery store. And I don't need to buy work clothes anymore so that will help. I also have a closet full of Coach purses that I need to list on eBay. I guess the bottom line is that I want to live simpler and own less "stuff". I don't need or want long commutes, long hours and stress. I want simple. My new beginning is going to help me find it.

My daughter Jen bought me my first "business sign" to hang in my sewing room. I love it!! She has been encouraging me for quite some time to do this. Thank you Jen for believing that I can do this! Now, let's get sewing!

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Jen said...

This is going to be SOOOO wonderful for you mama. I know you are going to be so much happier. Just tell me what I need to do...I am your first faithful employee :-)