Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sewing, sewing and more sewing!

Today I added a new product to my list - a diaper bag. Actually, it can be used as a tote bag OR a diaper bag but I made this one in denim with a cute pink and white polkadot lining so it would be perfect for a baby girl. The inside is lined with pockets all around. Next on my list is a smaller version of this bag - I will call it my "Quick Trip" diaper bag and can be used when you don't need to take everything with. It will be roomy enough for a bottle, a diaper, and a small pack of wipes. It will also have an outside pocket for Mom's wallet and keys. When your baby becomes a toddler, he/she can then use is as a Toddler Take-along. It will be the perfect size for a coloring book, crayons, a book a little truck or a small stuffed animal. Just a few things that your toddler can carry on his/her own to take in the car or to a restaurant!

Now can anyone suggest a way to add more sewing hours to my day? My brain is thinking faster than my hands can sew!


Jen said...

This bag is SOOOOO cute mama!! Have you slept at all the past two days? Or have you just been sewing?

Jan said...

Just sewing! And my brain has so many great sewing ideas that I can't make my hands (or machine) go fast enough!