Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't get me started!

Sewing is like reading a good book. Once you start, you can't stop!!! My entire week felt like sewing was involved in some way every single day. It started out with an all day sewing marathon with my daughter-in-law Di. First things first....we set up our sewing machines in my living room so that we could "spread out" and boy did we. I think we covered every square inch of dining room, living room and entry way!!! But when you have a sewing marathon, it's important to have everything out and ready to go! So here is my trusty Pfaff Performance 2054 ready to work it's magic.

And here is Di's brand, spankin' new Janome Memory Craft 6600. It even cuts her thread for her! It is fabulous and is very lucky to have found a home with Di! She is a master sewer and master sewers want the best!!! It purrs like a kitten when it sews...but then so do Di and I! :-) Can't help it! It makes me "hoppy."

Here's Di working at her machine and using our trusty painter's tape to sew a straight line. What would we ever do without our painter's tape. Best invention of all times. Helps you sew a straight line and doesn't leave residue on your fabric! Perfect!
Here is the living room set up with our machines and our Sew Ezi tables. Best sewing table you could ever own!

So here is the result of our first day of sewing. Two very cute Hobo Bags from a book called "Journeys" by Whimsicals. We have sewn their purses before and their patterns are cute and unstructured. Here they are finished up and ready to use for summer! The side tabs that are actually the handles have a piece of elastic and a button on the side. Very, very cute little bag...and very summery!

Our next sewing day was to make a "String Around the Collar" wallet by Tammy Tadd Designs. Di has become the master at this wallet as she has already made quite a few. She has some very lucky friends who have been the recipients of this fantastic wallet. Let me tell you it wasn't easy. But it wasn't hard, if that makes sense. Tammy Tadd's instructions are fabulous and extremely clear. But it requires lots of cutting and measuring so it was more time consuming than hard. But the end result is fantastic.

Di even added her own design element and put a key hook inside so that we have a place to hang our keys when we are shopping. Fabulous idea.

The pattern also called for an open pocket on the back for a cell phone. Di thought it would be better to have it close so we designed a different outside pocket with a flap. Bingo!!!!

Sooooooo...... since my machine was out all week AND my downstairs was still a mess from our sewing marathons, I decided to try making the larger hobo bag from the Journeys bag. I am in love with this bag and the unstructured way it hangs.

Next on my agenda for this week....clean up my mess, vacuum up threads, put away fabric, take all my supplies back up to my "real" sewing room.......then start my next project!!!! I know, it's an illness. But it's one that requires no medication but LOTS of therapy!!!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Thank you for saving me from slitting my throat this time and knowing what to do when the eyes glaze over! I totally get the it's not's not hard. But it can be frustrating! You are a great teacher and your work rocks!!!

Jen said...

I would like one of those purses please :-) Its even cuter in person!

Jan said...

You got it Jen!!! Color????

Angie said...

Love the bags very cute, and can relate to all the random threads,the big messes (my sewing room is my dining room) ha, and a sewing addiction that never really seems to be satisfied! Love your blog!