Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Christmas gift checked off!

My daughter-in-law Diana requested a seasonal wall hanging for Christmas that she can switch out for the different seasons of the year.  Last Christmas I made her seasonal tablerunners and she loves them and uses them all the time.  So I bought this beautiful star hanger that has a rod where you can change out the wall hangings easily.  I actually bought one for Jen and Meagan as well but I decided to wait with Meagans until next Christmas because then her and Ryan will be married and have a joint household.  This year they are still homeowners of two townhomes and don't need any  more stuff to worry about moving when they do sell.  and Jen just got her Advent Calendar for this year so unless more time miraculously appears in my day, I don't know if I will get hers done.  But she knows I'm good for it!

So here is the first installment for Diana - a Christmas hanging.  I will also get one made to match her house that can be hung up in between holidays.  I will also try to get one done for Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Again, not sure how many will be wrapped for Christmas, but I will do my best!   I need longer weekends!!!!!

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Jen said...

SOOOOOO cute mama!!!