Sunday, November 2, 2008

How it all began

For some reason the beginning of Fall brings out the organizer/cleaner person in me.  I have spent this entire weekend like a mad woman - cleaning out drawers and cabinets, putting new shelf paper down, organizing a bathroom closet AND organizing my craft, scrapbook, sewing, knitting, and crocheting room!  I decided it was time to organize all of my patterns...those in the form of books, magazines and printed off the internet.  I am amazed by what I have!  I could knit 24 hours a day for two lifetimes and never come close to making all the patterns I have.  But a couple things caught my eye.  I found my first two books I ever got on how to learn to knit and crochet.  I always tell my kids that I was somewhat different than alot of little kids my age.  They would want to be out playing (which don't get me wrong, I did alot of) but I always wanted to be sitting with my Mom and her many sisters at the dining room table watching them knit, crochet and tat.  They made exquisite things - beautiful tablecloths with the smallest crochet hook you ever saw, with tons of small beads crocheted in.  Unbelievable.  I wanted to learn as I watched them.  I remember my one aunt worked at a tiny store that sold everything you could think of.  One day her and my Mom took me there to get my first book on how to learn to knit and crochet.  I couldn't believe that my Mom had saved it for me all these years.  The copyright in my "Learn How Book" was 1959.  I was 5 years old!!!  My name is printed on the inside in this very cute, large printing - MY large printing!!  It was MY book, my very own book!   It cost 29 cents!  From that point on I was hooked so to speak.  Oh, I've gone in and out of knitting and crocheting over the years but have always been in love with anything done by hand.  I've quilted, made my kids their clothes and halloween costumes, covered their beds in quilts, etc.  and now I have a beautiful granddaughter Addison that has sparked a new love affair with knitting!  I can't wait until Addison is watching me knit and says to me in her little squeaky voice "Grammy can you show me how to do that?"  I sure will Addie!!! 



Jen said...

Hahahaha!!! These old books are hilarious! Isn't it amazing what you find when you are cleaning?!! :-)

Jen said...

I actually wasn't done posting..I just hit post by mistake. I also wanted to say that you HAVE to keep that book for Addie. I know she is going to be a grandma's girl and hopefully just as crafty as you :-) Can you just picture her sitting on the couch knitting with you? Okay...I think I might cry :-)