Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jen's Advent Calendar

Well, I decided to sew all weekend instead of knit and I completed Jen's Advent Calendar.  She wanted to have one for Addison's First Christmas so that she can use it for years to come with Addison and any brothers or sisters she may have!!!  It's all about starting family traditions.  Now that Jen and Eric have started their own family, it's time for them to start creating memories.  

This all started when Jen and I looked at Advent Calendars at several places.  They were either too expensive, too big or poorly made.  Of course, I jumped right on that one!  Too expensive?  Well, by the time you buy everything and the time it takes, I guess the price wasn't that bad after all.  Too big?  After you put 25 pockets on and make them a size that is usable, well, it's hard to keep it small.  Too poorly made?  Now that's one I can beat them on.  I am an over-achiever when I sew.  It MUST be perfect or I am not happy.  I even critiqued this project and noticed how many numbers I sewed on a bit crooked.   But one thing Addison can say when she looks at this every Christmas is "My grammy made this for me."   Aaawwwww!!!


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