Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time for a Mystery!

Anyone who does read my blog knows that I always have a ton of projects going at once.  So why wouldn't I jump on the chance to do a Mystery Beret?  A hat designer on Ravelry called Woolly Wormhead has started a mystery beret group.  When you join anything that has the word "mystery" in the title, you know that you won't know what it will look like until you are picture ahead of time, just clues.  So Clue #1 was the 2" k1p1 rib.  Done!  The second clue is the actually pattern of the beret, which is a very pretty lace pattern...Started!  I am not a hat person at all so you might wonder why I would be making this?  I don't have the right hair for hats - once they come off I can't go anywhere but home!  But the idea of making a beret sounded appealing.  And fun.  So off I went - digging through my stash since I refused to buy any new yarn for a hat that might not even look good on me.  I know the hat will be beautiful as all of Woolly Wormhead's hats are very cool.  I have 3 girls in my family so if this doesn't work for me, then I have other heads to try it on!

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