Monday, July 28, 2008

Addison's Skull Cap

Can't you just picture her little round head in this hat? I love making baby hats for her. Those cute chubby cheeks and big smile! I haven't gotten it over to her yet to take a picture of her wearing it. I was going to stop tonight and get a picture but she did not have such a great day today from what I am told. See, Addison is on strike!! Yes, I heard she was holding a sign with a big red "x" through it that says NO NAPS FOR ADDISON!! I think she slept a total of 2 hours all day. Now someone my age would love to sleep 2 hours but when you are 4 months old, that number should be much higher. So you can imagine the shape she was in this evening. Like her mother said, she had bags under her eyes so big that she could carry groceries in them. No kidding. The little peanut was protesting. She has been a great sleeper at night but for some reason she thinks that daytime is for being awake, socializing, and bouncing in her jumperoo. I can sense tough love coming in to play very, very soon. Addison, if you're reading this, give your mom a break!

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Jen said...

Does that come in my size?