Sunday, July 20, 2008

Socks, socks and more socks!

All of a sudden I'm back into socks. I did a couple pair, thought they were okay to knit but then went on to other things. What happened? Is it because it's summer and socks are such a small lightweight project to work on? Or is it that I'm finally getting the rythym going and love to watch it take shape? Or is is that my girlfriend Lynne and I now meet once a week to knit and she is big into socks - makes tons - and fast!!! She is a great source for all the latest and greatest sock yarns out there. I even get to go to the top of the mountain in terms of sock yarns that are difficult to get - Wollmeise and Sundara!!! Yes, I think I will be owning one of each of these as of Tuesday night. Will they become my favorite sock yarn? I kind of hope not since they are so difficult to get. So far I have knitted with Dream in Color Smooshy, Socks that Rock and Lornas Lace - all very nice yarns and easier to get.

So on to why I am posting today - I finally picked up my Horcrux and decided it was time to finish them. They (one sock) have been on the needles for months. I lost interest when I goofed up the foot part. I was supposed to continue down the foot with the leg pattern but started stockinette out of habit. Why would I say habit since I have only done a few pairs of socks? I guess because the few I have done have a stockinette foot and to me that is the easiest way to do it. So because I faltered from the original pattern I just stopped working on it. Well, my goal is to finish some of my started projects so last night I picked up Horcrux again and finished one sock completely -- - even the grafting of the toe which I'm still trying to master (but I'm getting it). I have to say I love Socks that Rock. I'm using In the Navy colorway and it really knitted up nicely. So now on to cast on Sock #2. I also have to finish Sock #2 of Spring Forward and just started Charade (after ripping out). So I think 3 pairs of socks on the needles is MORE than enough.

Now I just need to finish these so I can cast on with wollmeise or Sundara next week!!!!!!!

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Jen said...

When are you going to knit me some stay-at-home-mommy socks?