Thursday, July 10, 2008

The "Charade" begins!

Okay, so I started another project before finishing something else! But this time I had a good reason (don't I always?). Actually I am halfway through my second Spring Forward sock and am loving how they are turning out. But I tried working on it while talking with my friend and kept screwing up. I decided that I needed a mindless but nice looking pattern. That's where Charade comes in. It's a very easy knit but with very nice looking results. It's a nice "conversational" piece and I can't really screw up because the pattern to memorize is one row! I think I can do that and talk at the same time. Of course, there has to be something wrong...well, kind of. I'm knitting with Dream in Color Black Parade and if it's too dark in the room where I am knitting I can't quite see the stitches as well as I see lighter color ones. So I got one part of it right - easy pattern. And I have been able to work through the dark yarn. The end result is worth it so I will carry on.

This close-up isn't great but it gives you an idea of the nice pattern that is created. My pictures make it look blue but it is really a very pretty black with a hint of blue in it.

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