Sunday, July 27, 2008

Let's "Go Green" for Addie!

Wouldn't you just love to lay down and throw your head back without a care in the world? I am loving watching my 4 month old granddaughter Addison grow. These first 4 months have flown by. Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that we were watching our own children change before our eyes? Everyone told me that being a grandma was the best thing ever.....and they were right. I can hardly go a day without seeing her and when I do she just melts my heart. This beautiful baby girl is so full of life with a big old world awaiting. I just hope that this big old world will be in good shape for Addison and her children. That's why we have to be aware of everything around us.

My company has launched a sustainability campaign to help us all "go green." Of course I might add that I work for a very large global chemical company so trying to work smart to save our environment is vital - to all of us. They even passed out coffee mugs made of recycled material so that we can stop using plastic and styrofoam in the cafeteria. They are launching car pooling and biking to work. These are all little steps that will lead us in the right direction. I bought Envirosax for my family so that we can reuse our shopping bags instead of using plastic bags. If you want some awesome looking reusable bags go to and take a peak.

I also would like to take a second to ask everyone to say a pray for a good friend of mine from work. He is from the UK and is actually the marketer in my company who spearheaded the sustaninability program. He is a wonderful man and his name is Dr. Paul Williams. He and his wife and youngest son were in a serious car accident. His wife was killed instantly and Paul and his son were in critical condition. They are both expected to make a full recovery. His work in helping to save our planet has been remarkable and something he has been working on for a long time. I know he will recover...he has to in order to see the good that he has created within our company.

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