Thursday, July 3, 2008

One down - one to go!

I finished my first Spring Forward Sock. I already cast on for Sock #2! I think I finished this one sock faster than any socks I have made - reason being that I stuck with it! I usually have SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) and hate starting the second one. But I am actually excited that I am using time this summer to get some really cute socks made and ready for fall and winter. I just ordered a Dream in Color sock yarn called Black Parade. I need to finish up Spring Forward so that I will be able to start my new pair when my order arrives. And I actually experienced a first today - I grafted the toe of my sock! I have never grafted and usually struggle with any new stitching due to being left-handed. But my good friend Lynne suggested I look at the Knitty instructions and they were great. It made it seem so easy. I say that after ripping it out the first time I did it, but only because I didn't pull the stitches tight enough. But after doing it the second time, I realized that I could get the hang of this. And I like the way the toe looks. So my second sock should be a breeze thanks to the lessons learned from the first one!
Not too bad for my first truly interesting pattern. My only other pairs are simple stockinette, ribbed and waffled patterns. This has a lacy look and I really like the way it shows up with the light yarn.

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