Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big girl sits up!

Now that Addison is sitting up, she quickly reminded us that she no longer wants to be in the infant seat when we are at the store.  As it lays back, she is trying with all her might to hold her head up away from the seat.  Time for a big girl seat!  I bought a pattern to make a Cart Cover back before Addison was born.  At the time, I just put it away, thinking it would be FOREVER before she could sit up on her own.  Well, it's here.  Jen took this picture on her cell phone.  It doesn't show it very clearly but you get the idea.  She even got her first ride in the stroller facing forward at Oak Brook the other day and loved it.  i guess she needed to see other things besides Mommy and Grammy!!! 

And as anyone who watches the news knows, Chicago has been getting a ton of rain.  It has been raining since Friday night.  So what better day for a sewing project than a damp, rainy day.  Of course watching the Bears lose wasn't fun but I kept on sewing anyway.  I finished Addison's Cart Cover and was in such a hurry to take it over to her that I forgot to take a picture of it.  So that will come later.  Maybe I'll even get a picture of Addison in it!  Better yet!  I needed a photo to post so I took one of the pattern and of the trim fabric I used on it.  Her toys that we were attaching to it were farm animals in reds, blacks, yellows so I made the body of it in quilted black fabric and trimmed it in this adorable multi-colored polka dot.  It was very easy to make and turned out so nice.  I can't wait to see how it fits in the cart and how Addie likes it!  Now she can grocery shop in style!!!

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Jen said...

Damn...that is one cute kid :-) I will link you up to my blog tomorrow so people can check out your work :-)