Friday, September 26, 2008

"Shrug" it off!

Like I said in my earlier post - my needles from Green Gable weren't cool yet when I cast on for my shrug.  My friend Joan made it and when I saw her picture posted on Ravelry, I knew I had to make it.  Here is a picture of the first few inches.  I figured if I keep posting about it, I will keep at it.  It is an easy, but enjoyable knit, done in rib stitch - one of my favorite.  

I also want to start my Cassidy cardigan but decided that my little peanut Addison needs another sweater for fall.  And one good thing about her sweaters....they are little.  Big girl stuff takes forever.  Of course my fear is that I will make this shrug and all the girls in my life - Jen, Diana and Meagan will love it and want one.  I have to admit that it would make a great Christmas gift.  It's a one size fits all kind of shrug so I know the sizing wouldn't be an issue.  Boy, I really dream big to think that I could make 3 more shrugs before Christmas.  Let's see what I think after I finish this one. 

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