Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Getting There!

My Green Gable is progressing nicely - but still very slow going.  I was able to remove the sleeves from the I just keep working down.  I will be so happy to say I finished a "big girl" sweater.  Everything I have been making lately has been miniature for Addie so this will be a great accomplishment.  I did take a little break from the GG to make another baby hat.  Yes, I know!  I'm addicted to hats!  I'm actually more addicted to instant gratification.  I finished it in an evening.  That is what's so great about hats.  But I think I'm done now.  I may have to move on to some fingerless gloves now.  My daughter Jen teases me about fingerless gloves.  "Why bother" she would say.  But when you're driving to work and it's very cold outside, it's nice to have gloves on in the car but it's hard to dial a cell phone or turn on your iPod (you can tell I have a long commute).  So fingerless gloves are the ticket.  So Jen, be prepared to receive a pair.  I guarantee you will love them.....really!!

By the way, this is the hat I finished while taking a break from Green Gable.  Addie will have the best dressed head in town!


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Skinny said...

Wonderful designs Janlyn, loved your blog.. !~)