Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stitches Midwest - OUCH!

It really didn't seem like I spent that much at Stitches Midwest - but then I came home and took everything out of the bag and realized that it looks worse than it felt at the time.  Yikes!  But everything I bought has a project planned for it.  I was able to buy a sweater's worth of a wonderful yarn called Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed DK.  Knitted up it looks just like wool but without the itch.  I cannot wear wool AT ALL so I was excited to see this.  It is beautiful.  I also bought a skein of Malibrigo which knits like butta.   The colorway is called Mariposa and is shades of greens and teals.  It will make a great pair of fingerless gloves (look out Jen - gift coming your way!).  Of course I couldn't leave without at least one skein of Socks that Rock.  The colorway is called Grimms Willow Wren and it's shades of pink, green, yellow, blue, teal.  Gorgeous and I love the way STR knits up!  Next on my list was a beautiful Solo Silk in blues, browns and tans for a Feather and Fans scarf.  Finally, on the yarn front I bought some Catalina yarn (60% baby alpaca/40% pima cotton) to make the Forest Canopy Shawl.  I then found a vendor that sold beautiful buttons so I had to buy a few different wooden buttons for my sweaters.  I topped off my shopping spree with a sweater book by Cabin Fever called Baby "v", which are top down cardigans for babies.  Wonder who is going to benefit from this book???

So all in all you can see that I had a very productive day.  My friend Lynne (we call each other the enabler) did just as much damage me.  We figured that once we ever get to retire, we will be set for life with yarn.  So then why is it that when we find another cute pattern on Ravelry we never seem to have the right yarn for it?  How could that be???

So for now.....what should I start first?  Ummm, let me see!

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Jen said...

Boy...its a good thing you bought more yarn because I think you were starting to run out :-)