Sunday, August 10, 2008

Round and Round and Round we go!

I'm working on Green Gables (in red) and other than a small lace panel at the top, it is all stockinette. I know I'm making progress because each round gets longer and longer! I do love the way this sweater looks though. And it is really an extremely easy pattern to follow. Although straight stockinette is a great "conversational" knit (you can carry a conversation while knitting and not lose your place) it is still very boring. I have not made any sweaters other than a baby one for Addison when she was born I was SMALL! This is an adult size so there are lots of rounds. But you can't beat top down sweaters. I do not like seaming. It's not that I don't like it, I don't like the way it looks when I'm done. If I ever take another knitting class, I would like it to be on finishing. That can make or break a great piece. So for now, I'll stick to top down construction! I'm using Berocco Comfort because of being allergic to wool and I am loving how it is knitting up. My friend Lynne and I are both working on this sweater and agree that it needs a small, instant gratification-type project in between....say another hat??? Her and I have been hooked on hats lately. I must admit, as you can see from my previous blog that I love making hats. And it doesn't hurt that you can sometimes finish one in an evening or two. So I guess I am due for a diversion from going round and round. Don't get me wrong, I go round and round with hats as well...but they are LITTLE rounds and rounds!!!

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