Thursday, August 7, 2008


My daughter Jen has a good friend Tara. They were both pregnant at the same time and when they found out that Jen was having a girl and Tara was having a boy, they decided that their children would date and marry! If it were only that easy, right? Well, Jen and Eric had the pleasure of having Tara, Pat and baby Connor come visit for the night. The new moms thought it was a good idea to take some pictures of the two of them together. Hey, you never know when they might want to revisit these pictures later in life. In any case, the photo shoot turned out adorable. Connor had a look on his face like "I'm just not that into you." (I think that's a book!). And Addison was much more interested in her fingers. But are they not adorable together? I wonder what their babies would look like? Okay, so I'm way ahead of myself. But don't they grow just that quickly? I wonder if grandbabies grow as quickly as our own children did? How could my baby girl have a baby girl of her own?

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