Friday, August 8, 2008

Knitting? Quilting? What's a Grandma to do!

Have you figured out by now that I'm obsessed with my granddaughter? I've been using my blog as a way to document projects I've been working on but noticed lately that alot of my "images" are of Addison. Can I help that she is the cutest baby in the world? Of course not! I keep telling my daughter that I want to be a SAHG (stay at home grandma) so that I have more time to sew and knit for Addison. I have had the knitting bug lately, which took over my quilting bug last year. But I just bought some darling fabric today and feel the need to start a baby quilt for Addison. Can you be bit by more than one bug at a time? I'm thinking! The one thing nice about knitting is that is portable. I can sit with my family, carry it with me in the car, work on it during lunch. But when I'm sewing I need a sewing machine and I just haven't found a purse that it will fit in yet!! So knitting has been my "on the go" hobby. But oh the adorable baby quilts. Addison (and every grandchild following her) will get a handmade by Grandma quilt that they can keep forever. But I truly hope that they use it, abuse it and love it always. I want it to end up tattered and torn. That's what it's meant for be loved!!

So while I'm on the knitting kick right now, I thought I would post some of my baby hats that I've made so far. Not all of them have been for Addison but I'm sure she will end up with the majority of them at some point.

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