Monday, January 10, 2011

I Lucked Out!!!!

Last night was my "after" Christmas Guild Party and we had our Christmas block exchange.  I always worry when I participate in these for fear that the blocks I get in return won't be nice.  Now I don't mean that my fellow quilters don't do a good job, but I mean that they may not be to my taste in blocks.  Well......I have to admit, I got fabulous blocks last night.  I actually took two to exchange and got two great ones back.  But then my sewing friend Sandy made me a Snowflake block just because I said I liked it when she was sewing hers at our sewing bee day!  I love it!!!  So now I have three blocks to start a Christmas sampler.  I think I may have a few other Christmas blocks in my closet so I may have to wait a few years and keep collecting them before I make a quilt out of them!  But this is a great start!

This is the Snowflake block that my friend Sandy made.  Wouldn't a quilt with all snowflakes be a fabulous quilt?  Love it!

And here's the three of them together.  With a pretty lattice strip between them, they will be awesome!!

So now that everything Christmas is behind me, it's time to start focusing on NEXT Christmas.  Yes, that was my resolution that I plan to keep this year!  Work on gifts NOW so I don't find myself under the gun at the last minute!  Wish me luck!


Chelsi said...

Hey! Those are super cute! You definitely should start a snoflake collection because they would make an adorable quilt for the winter! Then you could take it out before Christmas and leave it out until Spring! :)

Glad you lucked out, it's always a gamble at gift exchanges. We had one this weekend and we brought one good gift and one gag gift... Well, we ended up with two good gifts! Sorry to whoever ended up with our Snugge & Sunset magazine!!! HA!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I think they go very nicely for a sampler quilt! And look how fast! You already have 3 done!

Now just do one or two a month and before next Christmas, you'll be cozy by the fire!

Thanks for the retail therapy today...I can always count on you to enable me! :O) hehehe

Jen said...

Cute mama!!! Do you have my Christmas list yet? No? Ill send it right now so you can start working on it. Hahahaha! I may just have to add a snowflake quilt :-)

Jan said...

Chelsi, glad you came out ahead on the exchange. If it's like me, it makes up for all the lousy years when I get crap! :-) One year at work I gave an adorable Christmas scrapbook for my gift and I got a box of cookies!!!!

Jen, I have big plans this year for "my girls". That's why I'm starting early. Inspiration is flowing!!!! Wouldn't it be fun for all of us to have a Christmas quilt? Ummm....another thing to add to my list! I always know what's on your list!!

Di, glad I could help with your therapy today. I'm not sure if I'm cheaper than a shrink, but at least you come out with fabric instead of a wad of tissue!!!!