Friday, January 21, 2011

One BIG reason to get organized!

I did something last night...something REALLY big!  I couldn't believe I actually did it and when I woke up this morning I thought that maybe I dreamt it.  But's real!  I'm the new President of my quilting guild!

I do have somewhat of a long history with this guild.  It started out many years ago when my youngest son was a year old.  My next door neighbor and good friend Sandy and I decided to take a quilting class at our local quilt shop.  From that moment we were both hooked!  Within a few years we decided to visit Pride of the Prairie Quilt Guild in Plainfield and immediately became members.  We attended meetings, workshops, quilt shows and events for many, many years as our kids were growing up.  We even held office several times. 

But then in 2002 I decided to work on my degree at DePaul and substituted guild meetings and activities for homework.  After receiving my degree I was offered a marketing job at my company and got totally wrapped up in my new job, which at times required travel both in and out of the country.  In 2009 my working world was pulled out from under me when my position was eliminated.  In hindsight it was the BEST thing that could have happened to me.  I was missing many things I truly enjoyed and also had a granddaughter and a new grandson on the way that I wanted to be able to spend time with. 

These past two years have been fabulous.  I have been able to do things that for quite some time I hadn't been able to do.  I look outside on this below zero day and am glad that I don't have to leave the house.  I have rekindled old friendships.  I have been able to spend lots of time doing things with my family.  I have begun quilting again.  I pulled out my old knitting needles and started knitting again.  I have met some amazing friends through my online knitting community, and I am able to serve as an officer in a guild that has been good to me for many years!

Here's to a successful term!  I know it will be great.....but WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!  :-)


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Good luck! That many gals in one room together...ugh!

But you are the right person for the job! No doubt about that!

You didn't notice my play on words this morning...temporary loss of insanity. hehehee

Jan said...

You are so funny! And no, I didn't catch that! But you are right! Stepping out of my "insanity" always gets me in trouble! :)