Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I might just have to keep these!

Well, block #2 is done for my guild exchange on Sunday.  I love how this block looks but it kicked my butt!  First, as you can see from the colors, I used a different green on the center block.  Why do you ask?????  Well, because I screwed up the cutting on the other fabric and had none left to work with.  This green came out of the same fabric line but in this picture it looks awful!!  In person, it really isn't that bad.  But still....not that happy with it.  I also made a note in the book to cut that piece larger than what they say and trim it down (Di, I will explain!).  My daughter-in-law (I can't call her a DIL, as per her request) made this same block and didn't have good luck with it.  Now I see why!  It has tons of matching points on it that makes being precise in your sewing a necessity.  No fudging on this one!

But I have to admit that together these blocks are beautiful.  I almost hate to trade them away in my exchange.  And for the work involved in these two blocks I sometimes have the luck of getting a very simple block in return with not so current fabric.  But hey, in the spirit of Christmas, whatever I get I will be happy with.  There is always alot of talk around the sewing table about exchanges and the thing is that for the work involved in these blocks, I should just not participate in the exchange and make blocks that all match and are done in the same shades and colors and keep them!  But I guess the fun is being surprised by what you get back!

I'm SCARED!!! 


The Apple Pie Gal said...

If I believed you, the little voices in my head wouldn't be signing "Liar, liar, pants on fire!"

You make everything look so easy! I think they are awesome and I can see how it's hard to give them up!

Fingers crossed that you don't end up with a naked Santa or something!

Chelsi said...

That one is pretty too! You'll have to let us know what you end up with...

Jan said...

Yep Di, I'll probably get a naked Santa or a reindeer missing an antler. Just saying!!

Chelsi, I will keep you posted on the exchange! I do know that my friend is making me a beautiful snowflake block just so I have one so even if the night is a bust with the exchange, I will have one pretty one to bring home!