Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hoppy bootday to you...hoppy bootday to you.....

Today is my daughter-in-law Diana's birthday. She made me spell it out because she didn't like being called a DIL. I wonder why that bothers her? :-)

Yesterday we spent the day together and did several of our favorite things...went to the fabric store, the whole foods store and Barnes and Noble. Could it get any better than that? Of course, after we got home she accused me of being an enabler. Go figure!
Diana has become my partner in sewing crime. Just a short two years ago she asked if I could teach her to sew and quilt. Her first investment was an inexpensive Brother sewing machine. Within a VERY short time, she needed a better machine and moved up to a Kenmore. Well.....if it means anything, her skill has advanced so much that she is now sewing on this bad boy!! The Janome Memory Craft 6600! Fabulous machine!!!

and...boy does it get the use!!!

I can't even BEGIN to list the things that Diana has made. Anyone who has sewn as long as I have knows what experienced sewing looks like. That is exactly what Diana's looks like. You would never, in a million years, believe that she just started sewing. Her work is THAT good!
I am still working on her to admit that she is good but we haven't gotten there yet. I need to really show her UGLY to get her to understand!

And this birthday post would not be complete without mentioning my son Adam! I tell Diana all the time how lucky Adam was to have found her! They complete each other and Adam could not have found a more perfect partner in life. We could not have found a more perfect addition to our family!

So today "My Wish" for you is many, many more wonderful times together sewing, creating, laughing, crying, celebrating and enjoying being family! You have been a blessing to me and I would be lost without you in my life.

Love you Di!


Jen said...

NIce post mama! I completely agree on all counts :-) Love you Di!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Hey! I left a comment first thing and it's gone!!

You just had to bring up that song to make me cry like a ninny AGAIN!

Thank you...for a beautiful post, for being my enabler buddy and my friend!

I love you!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Oh, and thanks for not calling me your DIL!!!