Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Sewing Room..where creative juices flow!!

My sewing favorite room in the house! Step inside and let me show you around!

It is certainly not a room out of a Martha Stewart magazine but it's MY room and it serves it's purpose well! Half the fun of quilting is organizing all of your stuff...or as quilter's like to call it..their STASH! And believe me I have alot of it!

This is my room as you walk in.

I use an old dresser to store my various quilting supplies in. One draw has my trims, snaps, buttons, zippers and miscellaneous other items that I might need. Another drawer holds my wool for my wool felt projects (another post). And yet another holds alot of scrap fabric that was too small to fold into bins in my fabric closet. Above the dresser is a design wall covered with flannel. It can be used to display single blocks or can be used to lay out a specific quilt design that I might be working on.

Since my room is not very big, I use a small door ironing board when I need to do simple pressing. I always use a small pressing board next to my machine for smaller projects that need to be pressed as I go along.

This is a view of the work area around my machine. Everything is handy and within arms reach when I need it. My cutting table is directly in front of my machine. Don't forget to pay attention to the coffee cup sitting by my machine. It's a staple in the room!!!

I use plastic containers to store all of my current projects in. This keeps them organized and together so when I feel the need to work on something specific, I can just grab my bin and have everything I need ready to go. Looks like I have alot of projects in the works!!! Doesn't every quilter?

I found this fabulous casserole dish at an antique store. I use it to store my buttons. I collect alot of the black and red banded pieces but have never seen a teal one! LOVE IT!

This is only one container of my buttons. I have lots more. I inherited many from my Mom and Aunts over the years.

Here is one container of fabric and how I store my stash. I went to a class about a month ago on how to organize your sewing room and learned this fantastic way to store my fabric. She demonstrated the correct way to fold your fabric so that it is all visible when you need it. It took me two full days to fold and sort my fabric but what a feeling when it was done. It makes finding a color or pattern I need so much easier! And if you don't have an Avery label maker, you must go buy one now!!!!

Here are all of my bins of fabric sorted by color! I know...sad isn't it??? The top bankers boxes hold my larger pieces that are used for quilt backs.

I also had some big pieces of some really pretty pastels that were too cute to stick in a container so I lined them up in a wicker basket and put them on a shelf!

I keep my thread handy on a spool rack next to my machine.

.....and my embroidery thread on a separate wall.

Here is a better view of my project shelf.

Labeling your boxes makes it so easy to find things.

I also have a small bookshelf nearby with some of my binders that I use for reference. Believe me, this is by no means my collection of quilt books. Those are actually housed in another place because I have so many!!! These binders hold patterns and/or instructions that I have taken out of magazines. I purchased a box of plastic sheet protectors and sorted my patterns by category (quilts, applique, home dec, purses/totes, etc) I'm slowly going through my stacks of magazines and pulling out what I like and may make some day.

So there you have it....a tour of my sewing room! I hope to be able to show you some of my many projects I am working on very soon! I hope this helps you organize your space!!!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Wahooooo! A post!!

Gosh I would die to have a room like that! And my poor little stash looks so piddly compared to yours!

Helllooo...the coffee cup next to the machine? You say that almost as if it doesn't belong there! ;) Great Job!!!!

Now let's see some PROJECTS!

Chelsi said...

Wow! Looks like you are really organized!!! Looks good lady!

Jen said...

Damn mama! That room looks great!!!!! We are both such organizing junkies aren't we?