Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stringing Along and Feeling Cozy

Nothing is more cozy or welcoming than a quilt. This is my favorite chair in the house and I was thrilled when I finished my Basket Weave String Quilt! It now holds a prominent place in my home. Every quilt should, considering the time spent creating it.

I attended a lecture and workshop by Bonnie Hunter. She is a fabulous quilter who puts the emphasis on scraps. She says that if a fabric is ugly, you didn't cut it small enough. She uses everything in her quilts, and I mean EVERYTHING. She has two fabulous books out called "Adventures with Leaders & Enders" and "Scraps and Shirttails", both of which I have and LOVE. But if you aren't ready to buy her books yet, you must visit her website called Quiltville. She has tons of free patterns. How can you possibly pass that up. And I'm sure that once you make one of her quilts you will be running out to buy the books. She is that good!!!! She also has a fantastic blog which you can read here.

One pattern on her website is called "Basket-Weave Strings" and it is a great way to use up your stash. It is made with scraps and is so easy.

You actually start by making as many scrap blocks as you like for the size quilt that you want. The strips get sewn on unevenly to give them some movement. It's fun to use up the scraps in your drawer that would normally be thrown out. I made my blocks 5" but you can make them any size you want. She helps you along with the measurements. The strips get sewn onto paper backing which then gets torn off when you construct it.

Here is a close-up of the blocks. You can see my meander stitching in the blocks. That's about the only kind of stitching I can do right now with my long-arm machine. Hopefully that will change. But until then, I really like the look of it.

And here is a full view of the finished quilt. Mine measures 49" x 62" and is a very nice throw size.

Am I tempting you to make a quilt? Huh?? Come on...you can do it! Check out Bonnie's website, go through the fabulous list of free patterns and get hooked on scrap quilts. I know you will!!! Who doesn't have a stash that needs bustin'.


The Apple Pie Gal said...

I LOVE love love scrap quilts! And isn't that my chair that it's on???

You think a piece of fabric is 'ugly' and then throw it in a scrappy quilt and it becomes beautiful again! Isn't that amazing!?

Such a great way to use up your stash! Can't wait to see what you do next!!!

Jan said...

Yes my dear, that IS your chair! Doesn't the quilt look perfect on it?

chelsi said...

I have no desire to make a quilt... However, I do have a desire for you to make ME one! LOL! I kid, I kid. Beautiful Mamacita! Did you hear I'm COMING to the Chi!??! Yes.Yes!!!

Jan said...

I did hear you were coming! Yeah!!!! Can't wait!!!